From The Desk of Pro Vice Chairman

We at Virendra Satija foundation, as a group are committed to offer quality based education in Chhindwara region. The group firmly believes that as one make a journey through his school years, they should gain more than just a great education, and they should receive opportunities, both within and beyond the classrooms. 

We yearn to make the years that a student spends with us the most memorable of his life 

It is only with affection and tender guidance that the brightest minds will rise and shine to eventually become the eminent personalities of tomorrow. 

From the Desk of Pro - Vice Chairman

In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, \"Don\'t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.\" Every day, millions are born and billions walk the earth, but only a few make a difference during their existence which others dwell on for millennia. Education was once considered as a desperate need to spread literacy and then literacy joined the list of archaic words. We stand tall today because education is now defined as the capacity, making that little difference to the world. 

We whole heartedly welcome you to the new era school where global citizens of the next generation are empowered and capacitated with right thinking and healthy attitude towards learning. A new world of learning awaits you ahead. Welcome aboard.

With Best Wishes

Virendra Satija

TC 2019-20
Pushpanjali Prachi Singh Arya Vishwakarma Aryadeep Anaye Vaidehi Abhishek Tc Neerja Bhagat Parth Choukshey Chirag Abhinav Sagesh Ruchi Bhuvnesh Gautam
Ashmit Mradul Kamil Kamran Dhananjay Pathe Mitra malviya Anay Mehta Daksh Kanish himani Samarth Ekansh nikhil Yash Chourasia
Lakshya Bhasin Harshwardhan Dubey Samarth baniya Aditya Himanshu ayush sahu Oshin Amit singh kachhwah Anunay