Teaching Staff

(Housed within the school campus) "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward

Teachers are the lifeblood of a School. The limit of any student is directly functional to the ability of a teacher. The School encompasses in its fold a spectrum of qualified, trained and experienced teachers who dedicate their valuable inputs in honing

the students' skills.

We recruit staff from across India. We have identified several centers like Kerala, Visakhapatnam, Darjeeling, Guwhati, Bangalore, Ajmer, Bhubneswar and Mysore forthe recruitment of staff.

Training of Teacher

Teachers are provided with regular training at various levels to keep up with the latest updates and development in teaching

Emp Name Teacher Name Designation Email Id
35 Mr. Shamim Daad Cricket Coach shameemdadumpire@g.com
23 Ms. Sunita Shrivastava PRT DPS024@thinkcomputers.biz
5 Mr. Goutam Lal TGT goutamlal@yahoo.in
1 Ms. T. Sireesha Sharma TGT tesisha0101@gmail.com
18 Ms. Vibha Rani PRT vibha25289@gmail.com
3 Mr. Manish Mishra TGT himankmanish@gmail.com
10 Ms. Ritu Pandit TGT DPS010@thinkcomputers.biz
13 Mr. Koustav Chaterjee TGT chatterjeek.1987@gmail.com
19 Ms. Shaba Khan PRT anikakhan1303@gmail.com
30 Mr. Mrinal Sharma TGT mrinal9014@gmail.com
2 Mr. Vinay S Pandey TGT DPS30@thinkcomputers.biz
20 Ms. Shubhangi Sarathe PRT DPS20@thinkcomputers.biz
24 Mr. Mushtaque A Siddiqui Football Coach siddiquima1965@gmail.com
36 Mr. Ujjwal Kuamr TGT kumar.ujjwal29@gmail.com
27 Ms. Meenal Jairath PRT jairathmeenal7@gmail.com
31 Mr. Doman Singh Thakur TGT dnsthakun131@gmail.com
6 Mr. Rakesh Chaturvedi TGT RKSCtaturvedi@gmail.com
11 Mr. Abhishek Shrivastav TGT abhi10695@gmail.com
16 Ms. Lalita Goungunta PRT lalitagonugunta@gmail.com
34 Mr. Loknath Kumar TGT loknathkumar79@gmail.com
28 Ms. Nishtha Chaurasia PRT nishthachaurasia13@gmail.com
22 Ms. Shilpi Das PRT shilpi.das@gmail.com
E-1001 Admin
4 Ms. E. Gayatri Naidu TGT DPS04@thinkcomputers.biz
DPS07 Ms. Abha Sarathe Nurse abha3444sarathe@gmail.com
DPS09 Ms. Kruti Nandwana PGT kruti.wohra12@gmail.com
55 Mr. Pramod Shrivastav Admin Officer Pammushriwastav125@gmail.com
dps/22 Mr Ehtesham Uddin Siddiqui TGT eu.siddiqui4@yahoo.com
dps/46 Ms Priyanka Sharma TGT priyankasharma_ps@outlook.com
DPS015 Mr. Sunil Dutt Basket Ball sanjumeera@gmail.com
53 Ms. Aayushi NTT aayushi_1994@gmail.com
059 Mr. Ashish Falke ERP-Software Ashishfalke178@gmail.com
106 Mr. Shivraj Menon TGT menonshivraj@gmil.com
dps 115 Ms. Smriti Lundey NTT smritiingle@gmail.com
dps 116 Ms. Reshma Khan PGT guddu_rab786@redifmail.com
dps 120 Ms. Chetna Dewangan PRT dewanganuttra@gmail.com
dps122 Aparna Bajpai PGT aparnabajpai1993@gmail.com
dps 119 Ms. Jyoti Tripathi PRT tripathi.jyoti22@gmail.com
dps124 Geeta Rani Behera TGT geetaranibehera187@gmail.com
DPS001 Habib Khan Principal asad13m@gmail.com
DPS-05 Mr. Zaid Qureshi Admin Officer mohd.zaidqureshi@gmail.com
107 Mr. Yashwant Sahu TGT ysu.vikash@gmail.com
dps 123 Vikas Kumar Suryawanshi NTT vikassurywanshi2407@gmail.com
DPS-02 Ashish Tiwari Hardware &Networking tiwari_ashish198779@yahoo.com
DPS15 Ms. Nazra Tarannum Librarian nazratarannum@gmail.com
dps121 Preeti Vishwakarma TGT vishwakarpreeti095@gmail.com
DPS06 Ms. Shivani Patwari Office Executive shivani1108patwari@gmail.com
dps 117 Ms. Dipali Bapat TGT dipali.bapat@gmail.com